February 27, 2014

Picadillo Poppers with Heavenly Horseradish dip! These little Mexican bites with a kick are sure to make a lasting impression! www.gourmetcreations.net



Winter Olympics Dip Mixes

February 15, 2014

Enjoy watching the Winter Olympics with your favorite dips!www.gourmetcreations.net


Guacamole Dip Mix On The Way

January 5, 2014

We have a new dip mix in the works to start out 2014! Introducing our delicious Guacamole Dip! Just add avocados and diced tomatoes and in an hour it is ready to eat! Packed with flavor that will excite your taste buds! Stay tuned for it’s debut…www.gourmetcreations.net

Savory Garlic & Romano Snowman

December 18, 2013

Have you tried making a snowman cheeseball with our Savory Garlic & Romano Wine Spread? It’s a winner!www.gourmetcreations.net



Christmas Party Appetizer

December 14, 2013

Here is a nice idea for a Christmas party appetizer! Pick any veggie dip that you like! http://www.gourmetcreations.net


Garlic Cheese Bread

December 6, 2013

Use our Roasted Garlic & Herb olive oil blend to make an out of this world garlic cheese bread!www.gourmetcreations.net


Santa’s List

December 4, 2013

Are dip mixes on your Christmas list this year? Don’t forget they make great stocking stuffers! Take advantage of our Christmas Special now at www.gourmetcreations.net



Santa Fruits

November 27, 2013

Another great idea for a fruit dip for the holidays…now you just have to pick your fruit dip flavor!www.gourmetcreations.net

Thanksgiving Side Dish

November 23, 2013

Green Bean Casserole with our Roasted Garlic & Herb olive oil blend for Thanksgiving! www.gourmetcreations.net



Gingerbread Cake with Gingerbread Frosting from Gourmet Creations

November 12, 2013

Have you tried making Gingerbread cake and using our Gingerbread dessert mix as a frosting? OMG…it is goooooood! www.gourmetcreations.net